Bill Hodac


Hello and thank you for stopping by my personal site. As I make my journey through life, I figured to share with you my knowledge and experiences in hopes that the law of reciprocity comes into play. My mission in life; to help others identify their truest and deepest passion. Passion drives greatness.

I believe that too often we allow ourselves to be held captive in our own state-of-mind, based on our fear of loss or fear of failure. I find it extremely intriguing to see so many people allow themselves to be pulled away from their own wants and needs, to an extent that they end up not knowing what it is that makes them happy. We tend to create such a sense of urgency for “security” that we are willing to settle for things that may not be so… “good” for us; a job or a partner in a relationship. It is critical to ensure that people can acknowledge what it is that drives their happiness. By simplifying choices in life and asking ourselves the right questions, we will achieve the right answers that will result in fulfillment. 

I do not claim to be any sort of guru but rather, just a student of life. I still believe in people. I hope to share my thoughts and experiences with you so that maybe you can find insight and inspiration in your life. If only we can truly believe in ourselves and express ourselves with confidence, the outlook of our lives may not be so bleak.

May your journey great. As always, remember that you can never find happiness if you can’t find it from within! I thank you for all of your kind support and believe that you are the backbone of my inspiration. I hope to extend myself to all and reciprocate a wealth of knowledge from all as well!

Bill P. Hodac


My Involvement and Passion:

-Motivational Speaking

-Personal and Team Development

-Leadership Development

-Personal Branding

-Sales & Marketing

-Personal & Corporate Branding


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