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Am I My Brother & Sister’s Keeper?


The origin of the quote “Am I my brother’s keeper” is rooted in Genesis 4:9. Even those not intimately knowledgeable of the Bible know the story of the brothers Cain and Abel, and of Abel’s eventual murder by his brother.

The true motive behind the killing was that Abel’s heart and mind were aligned with God’s will (Relationship), while Cain was just pantomiming and going through the motions (Religion), and this difference provoked enough jealousy and anger in Cain to murder his brother.


You’re thinking at this point, “How in the heck does this apply to me?!” You may not have committed an actual murder, but how many professional lives have you snuffed out because you were jealous of someone else’s charisma, innate leadership, natural ability, focus, discipline, etc.? Ask yourself how many fellow crabs you pushed back INTO the bucket instead of pulling out, right when you were on the cusp of leaving yourself?

Cain was the older brother, and therefore should have held the rightful responsibility of being the trailblazer for Cain. He already stood to inherit everything of his parent’s (Adam & Eve), just by right of birth. His was a life of Firsts, which should have led to happiness and contentment. His life should have been a testament to his younger brother of what it means to be truly successful and how to properly build into someone else’s life, just like he was shown. He should have also learned from the mistakes of the ones that came before him. After all, wasn’t Cain shown a world of opportunity?

As an older brother, he should have relished the idea of sharing his knowledge and experience with Abel. An added benefit to this is that Abel would have held Cain in the highest esteem for all of his days! Unfortunately, his attitude was one of Entitlement.

Enter Abel. You know the “type”; the person that seems to do everything right and have everything handed to them. Why should you invest in someone who already appears to have the world in the palm of his or her hand?

Two words should IMMEDIATELY spring to your mind: Wisdom & Guidance. Pick any calling or profession, and I guarantee you that there’s a story about someone who had huge potential, but never made it. I GUARANTEE YOU.

The “Why” should be very clear, but just in case it isn’t, let me spell it out for you. You have a wealth of knowledge, and thereby wisdom, at your disposal. There are two kinds of wisdom; philosophical and experiential. We would prefer more of the philosophical variety, because it’s relatively easy in comparison to the wisdom we gain by making good and bad choices (coincidentally, we actually learn more from our bad choices than our good ones!).

It is your responsibility to use this in conjunction with Guidance to foster relationships with your younger (and sometimes the same age or older, even) “siblings” to help them reach their full potential. And you know what? By doing this, YOU will actually be blessed in the process!

So, I challenge you to stop going through the motions, and actually take the time to build into someone else’s life. You have too much knowledge and experience NOT to share, and thereby enrich another. Be the big brother that Cain should have been. When you see potential in someone, foster it and help it grow; don’t “murder” it.

The next time someone ask you if you are your brother or sisters keeper, the answer should be a resounding “Yes”!

~Kamel McCray

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